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Minimum 4 hour shifts and only $45.00 per hour.

Our construction labour hire service is available online for your convenience. Place your order for labour hire workers here! We recognise the significance of securing dependable and skilled local workers for temporary jobs. Therefore, each week, we dedicate ourselves to interviewing and enrolling a selection of reliable and proficient labourers who are in search of temporary positions.

Construction Labour Hire Melbourne Wide

At Local Workforce Hire, we grasp the significance of discovering a reliable local construction labour hire firm. That’s why we’ve assembled a team with comprehensive knowledge of the local industry. We carefully vet local workers to ensure they meet our clients’ requirements reliably. This webpage offers essential details about our services, pricing, and how you can conveniently place orders for your staffing needs online. Should you have any queries, feel free to reach out to our team at 1300 562 250.

expanded talent pool

Our team receives numerous calls each week from people seeking casual employment.

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We personally interview and assess each person and employ them as casuals.

seasonal staffing service

We then on-hire our staff through our labour hire service to employers who need short-term staff.

What Is Our Melbourne Construction Labour Hire Service?

When you place your order online, we’ll align your needs with our pool of available workers to ensure you receive precisely what you’re looking for. Our rates begin at $45.00 per hour, and we ensure every one of our workers possesses the required white card, asbestos, and silica certifications. No matter if you need help with demolition, excavation, landscaping, or transportation, we’re here to connect you with the ideal candidates for the task, as we offer comprehensive labour hire services for the building and construction sector. Simply submit your requirements online, and we will promptly contact you to confirm the dispatch of your requested team.

  • Locations:

    All Melbourne and surrounding areas.

  • Hire:

    General and Skilled Trades, Drivers and more.

  • Work Availability:

    Day, evening and or night shift.

  • Qualifications:

    All have white card, silica and asbestos.

  • Min Hours:

    Minimum 4 hours, no maximim.

  • Payment:

    Pay by credit card or set up an account.

  • Terms:

    We provide 14 day terms.

  • Moving Items?

    Moving carrying, packing etc.

  • Site Cleaning?

    Residential or commercial sites.

  • Demolition?

    From small pathways to commercial jobs.

  • Digging?

    Holes, trenches, pathways and more.

  • Rubbish Removal?

    Residential and commercial job sites.

  • Packing Boxes?

    Emptying containers, pallets and more.

  • Scaffolding?

    Set-up or tear downs.

  • Carpenters?

    Residential and commercial projects.

  • Landscapers?

    Foundations, pathways, walls and more.

  • Event Staff?

    Seating and stage set up and more.

  • Shopfitters?

    Set-up new or tear down any commercial retail store.

  • HR/MR Truck Drivers?

    We have both MR and HR Drivers.

  • Forklift/Telehandler Operators?

    Require an operator for a day, two or more?

  • Traffic Controllers?

    Stop and direct vehicles and pedestrians.

Cashflow Positive Invoicing.

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Pay In 14 Days.

We understand the importance of being cashflow-positive, and that’s why we offer our clients two payment options for our construction labour hire service – paying by credit card or signing up for an account and paying within 14 days. We always ensure accurate calculations and take care of our staff members’ hourly pay and superannuation. We simply invoice you for the amount of hours you utilised and any allowances.

Order Resources for Melbourne Construction Labour Hire Online.

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We’re aware that as an employer, you might suddenly find yourself in need of more staff. That’s why we’ve ensured you can request staff at any time, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Place your order by 3:00 pm, and we promise that your new staff will start the following day. The process to register online is designed to be simple and quick. Just fill in the form below, and we’ll get you the help you need without any delay.

construction temp agency

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Why Select Our
Construction Labour Hire Service?

five star rating

Local Workforce Hire is aware of the difficulties businesses experience when managing fluctuating demand, staffing shortages, and delays. We provide our services to every area, ensuring they are cost-effective, of high quality, and promptly delivered.

Low Cost

As employers, we understand how important affordability is.

Quality Resourcing

We make no apologies for only registering good quality people.

All Locations

We can assure our clients that we have the capacity to cover the entire region.

We Supply Construction Labour Hire Services Throughout The Whole Of Melbourne.

For employers active across state lines, look no further for your construction labour hiring needs. Local Workforce Hire is here to share our extensive understanding of Melbourne’s employment landscape. If you’re new to the area, we’re excited to demonstrate that Melbourne has a lot to offer beyond what you hear in the news. Melbourne shares a dynamic relationship with its suburbs and regions. Think of Melbourne as the heart, with its suburbs and regions as veins spreading out, each carrying unique characteristics and charm. These areas offer a blend of residential spaces, shopping districts, and natural landscapes, contributing to the city’s diverse appeal. While Melbourne’s CBD is known for its cultural and commercial activities, the surrounding suburbs and regions offer quieter living spaces, local markets, and green parks. This contrast between urban excitement and suburban tranquillity allows residents and visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds, enhancing Melbourne’s overall attractiveness. If you’re keen to learn more about each area, feel free to delve into the details provided below.

Melbourne CBD

Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) stands as a bustling heart of commerce, culture, and cuisine. This dynamic area, framed by the meandering Yarra River, is a tapestry of historic laneways, towering skyscrapers, and lush parks, offering a diverse range of experiences. Renowned for its creative street art, the CBD’s laneways, such as Hosier Lane, serve as open-air galleries showcasing vibrant murals and installations. Cultural institutions like the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum offer insights into art, history, and science, enriching the intellectual curiosity of visitors. The shopping scene is unparalleled, with the Queen Victoria Market providing a haven for foodies and bargain hunters alike.


Werribee is a locality that offers a tapestry of experiences, blending natural beauty with rich cultural heritage. This area is home to the Werribee Open Range Zoo, where visitors can embark on a safari adventure, encountering a range of wildlife in an open environment that mimics the animals’ natural habitats. The historic Werribee Park is another jewel, showcasing an impressive 19th-century mansion set amidst vast, manicured gardens, and providing a glimpse into the grandeur of its past. For those intrigued by technology and aviation, the Australian National Aviation Museum displays an extensive collection of aircraft, documenting the evolution of aviation history in Australia. The Werribee River meanders through the landscape, offering serene spots for picnics, walks, and fishing, enhancing the area’s appeal as a place where nature and culture intertwine seamlessly



Nestled in southeastern Melbourne, Dandenong stands as a testament to cultural diversity and historical depth. This area seamlessly blends its rich heritage with a forward-looking spirit, evidenced by the bustling Dandenong Market, where the scents and colours of global cuisines and fresh produce evoke a sense of worldly connection. The suburb’s commitment to green spaces is palpable at the Dandenong Ranges, offering a verdant escape with its lush forests and scenic walking trails that invite nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Architectural landmarks, such as the Drum Theatre, provide a cultural heartbeat, showcasing local and international performances within its historically significant walls. Meanwhile, the revitalised Dandenong Plaza serves as a commercial hub, catering to both the practical and leisure needs of its residents. Dandenong’s educational facilities, including reputable schools and libraries, support a thriving community, making it a place where history, culture, and progress converge.

Western Suburbs

The Western Suburbs of Melbourne form a diverse and sprawling area, offering a unique mix of cultural, recreational, and historical features that stand out in the landscape of the city. This region is home to a rich tapestry of communities, each contributing its distinct flavour and traditions to the broader Melbourne mosaic. From the serene waters of Altona Beach, perfect for a leisurely swim or a sunset stroll, to the bustling markets of Footscray, where one can find an array of fresh produce and exotic ingredients, the Western Suburbs cater to a variety of interests and tastes. History enthusiasts will find solace in the heritage-listed buildings and sites that dot the area, telling tales of Melbourne’s industrial past and cultural evolution. The Western Suburbs also boast impressive educational institutions and sports facilities, highlighting the area’s commitment to community development and engagement.

Inner North

The Inner North is a tapestry of culture, history, and community spirit that pulsates with a distinct character. This area stands as a testament to Melbourne’s rich multicultural heritage, showcased through its eclectic mix of cuisine, from traditional Italian eateries in Carlton to the vibrant Middle Eastern and African restaurants in Brunswick and Coburg. It’s also a hub for creativity and the arts, with streets lined with galleries, live music venues, and unique boutiques that reflect the area’s artistic soul. Green spaces like Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North offer serene retreats from the urban buzz, while the Merri Creek trail invites nature lovers and cyclists to explore its scenic paths.

Inner East

Melbourne’s Inner East is a distinctive area known for its blend of cultural richness and scenic beauty. Nestled between the bustling city centre and the serene outskirts, this region offers a unique tapestry of experiences, ranging from its historical architecture to its tranquil parklands. Key features include the well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian homes that line the streets of suburbs like Hawthorn and Kew, providing a glimpse into Melbourne’s architectural past. The area’s commitment to green spaces is evident in the expansive Yarra Bend Park, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities amidst native bushland. Additionally, the Inner East is home to some of the city’s most prestigious educational institutions, making it a hub for academic excellence. With a variety of shopping strips, such as Glenferrie Road, the Inner East also offers a diverse array of boutique shops and culinary delights, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

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