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How AI Will Impact Job Roles in Small Businesses and Large Corporations

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the workforce – but this also means that certain roles in companies small and large are becoming redundant as automation is embraced. Let’s study a list of roles expected to become automated in the near future, and consider how you need to adapt to AI.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are transforming the workforce, automating routine tasks, and reshaping job requirements. As businesses embrace automation, certain roles are becoming redundant, especially in small businesses and large corporations.

Within small businesses, we predict that AI and similar automation technology will decrease demand for various manual labour roles. Meanwhile, large corporations are likely to scale down analytical and advisory roles, among others, as AI systems and tools improve.

Consider whether your role fits into one of those found in our lists. Are you at risk of redundancy as AI becomes more and more integrated into the workplace?

What Small Business Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI?

Jobs at small businesses impacted by AI

AI has revolutionised the way small businesses operate by reducing the need for manual labour in various capacities. As a result, we anticipate that the demand for many roles will decrease over time, and their value will diminish. We predict that wages or salaries for such roles will also decrease as automation becomes more prevalent, and small business owners begin to leverage AI automation to their advantage. Here are several key roles we expect to become mostly or entirely automated in the near future:

  1. Data Entry Clerks: AI can automate data entry tasks, minimising errors and speeding up processes.
  2. Customer Service Representatives: Chatbots and virtual assistants can handle routine customer queries.
  3. Bookkeepers: Automated accounting software can handle financial transactions and reporting.
  4. Telemarketers: AI-driven marketing tools can personalise outreach and engage customers more effectively.
  5. Receptionists: Automated appointment scheduling systems can replace traditional receptionist roles.
  6. Inventory Managers: AI-driven systems can optimise inventory levels and automate reordering.
  7. Retail Cashiers: Automated checkout systems and self-service kiosks are reducing the need for manual cashiers.
  8. Delivery Drivers: Autonomous vehicles and drones are being explored for automated deliveries.
  9. Manufacturing Line Workers: Robots and automation technologies are replacing manual labour in the manufacturing industry.
  10. Social Media Managers: AI tools can analyse data and schedule posts more efficiently.

What Corporate Jobs Are Most Likely to Be Impacted by AI?

What corporate jobs will be impacted by AI

Large corporations are leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and reduce the demand for certain roles. As with small businesses, we see the below roles diminishing in demand and value over time. The fact is that larger businesses will be able to scale with less people, resulting in reduced pressure on wage growth. Some key roles we expect will be impacted and face redundancy include:

  1. Data Analysts: AI algorithms can analyse vast datasets more quickly and accurately.
  2. Customer Support Specialists: Many chatbots and automated systems already handle routine support queries, which allows human workers to devote their focus to more complex issues.
  3. Insurance Underwriters: AI can assess risk factors and determine policy terms more efficiently.
  4. Credit Analysts: Automated systems can evaluate creditworthiness based on extensive data analysis.
  5. Financial Advisors: AI-driven robo-advisors can provide personalised financial advice.
  6. Call Centre Operators: AI-powered virtual assistants are handling customer calls.
  7. Human Resources Administrators: AI can automate resume screening and initial candidate evaluations.
  8. Travel Agents: AI-driven platforms can suggest and book travel arrangements.
  9. Routine Legal Tasks: Legal research and document analysis can be automated using AI.
  10. Cybersecurity Analysts: AI can detect and respond to security threats more rapidly.

Local Workforce Hire: Your Gateway to AI Solutions

Although AI has brought significant advantages in terms of efficiency and innovation, it has also resulted in the automation of various jobs. As a result, businesses, regardless of their size, need to adapt by enhancing and diversifying the skillsets of their workforce and exploring new opportunities in emerging fields. This will ensure a seamless transition in the changing job landscape.

If you need assistance in understanding how AI technologies can benefit you, Local Workforce Hire can help. If you are unsure about the significance of AI and think it is just “a ChatGPT” or something else, we can clarify that it is more than that, and show you how to use it to your advantage. AI is a game-changer, and our consulting team can assist you in exploring your options and beginning your journey towards increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

It makes economic sense to do more with less in terms of cost, manual intervention, errors, and people. Scaling through automation is much easier than scaling through personnel development. If you have people in redundant roles, we can help you upskill and redeploy them, or we can provide outplacement services to assist you.

Local Workforce Hire is more than just a recruiting firm. Our advisory services division offers guidance and recommendations that significantly enable business transformation. We prefer to create trends rather than follow them.

Contact us at 1300 562 250 to discuss your needs. Alternately, take a look at our post on “how SMEs can adapt to AI” to learn more about adjusting your workforce to effectively incorporate artificial intelligence.

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