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What Can Businesses Learn from AFL in Regards to Navigating Risk?

Despite their outward differences, AFL coaches and businesses can approach success in similar manners, and learn from one another in the journey to significant achievements. Businesses can learn quite a lot from AFL coaches like those at GWS when it comes to navigating risk – let’s discuss.

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In the dynamic world of Australian Rules Football (AFL), our proudly sponsored GWS Giants exemplify the strategic acumen that arises from embracing calculated risks.

AFL clubs achieving success leverage risk as a strategic tool, implementing ambitious tactics and plans to transform their game and attain objectives. This approach contrasts with traditional business leaders who often perceive risk negatively, potentially stifling innovation and progress.

This raises a fundamental question: Why do GWS coaches view risk as a catalyst for innovation and success while others avoid it?

Let’s explore some differing perspectives on risk in AFL and business, and probe whether a reluctance toward risk in business stifles innovation, fosters a culture of fear, and hampers operational excellence and market share advancement.

Risk in AFL: A Catalyst for Transformation

In the fiercely competitive AFL arena, risk-taking is embedded in the strategic DNA of successful clubs like GWS. Recognising that calculated risks can be game changers, these teams understand the potential for monumental success. From trying unconventional strategies to pushing individual and team performance limits, coaches encourage these risks, contributing to the sport’s evolution.

AFL embraces risk as a vehicle for innovation, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment for players and fans alike. Creativity thrives, and calculated risks are seen as opportunities to break away from the norm.

Risk in Business: A Cautionary Tale

business think of risks negatively

In traditional business settings, “risk” often carries negative connotations, associating it with potential losses and uncertainties. This sort of risk aversion in business discourages experimentation and bold decision-making, and can stifle innovation. As a result, organisations may miss opportunities for growth, creativity, and adaptation in a rapidly evolving market.

A fear-driven culture also impedes operational excellence. When employees fear proposing new ideas or embracing change due to potential failure consequences, it hampers the organisation’s ability to evolve.

Successful businesses benefit from calculated risk-taking, propelling them ahead of competitors when risks align with a clear strategy. This fosters long-term success and a larger market share.

Balancing Risk: A Call to Action for Businesses

Businesses can excel by using calculated risks

Here are several essential strategies that businesses must implement in order to take more advantage of risk rather than merely avoid it:

  • Shifting Perspectives: Businesses must shift their views on risk, seeing it not solely as a threat but as a strategic tool for innovation and growth. Well-managed, calculated risks can drive positive change.
  • Cultivating a Culture of Innovation: Encouraging a culture valuing innovation and viewing failures as learning opportunities is vital. Organisations embracing risk as part of the growth process adapt more effectively to changing market dynamics.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Leaders should adopt a strategic approach to risk-taking that aligns with overarching business goals. This requires assessing potential outcomes and taking bold steps when positive impacts outweigh risks.

Embracing Risk for Success with Local Workforce Hire

There is an evident contrast in how AFL teams and businesses approach risk. While the AFL wholeheartedly embraces risk as a catalyst for transformation and innovation, traditional business settings often exhibit a more cautious stance that has the potent to significantly impede progress.

For businesses to truly flourish, it is imperative to undergo a paradigm shift in their approach to risk. Embracing calculated risks, cultivating a culture of innovation, and recognising failures as stepping stones to success are indispensable elements in staying competitive and achieving sustained success.

At Local Workforce Hire, we acknowledge the transformative potential of calculated risks in both AFL and business. We understand that organisational attitudes toward risk can vary, often influenced by key individuals, management styles, or overall organisational culture. As advisors, we urge businesses to reevaluate their approach to risk, exploring its positive implications for growth and innovation.

Does your current mindset align with the bold strategies employed by successful AFL clubs like GWS? When was your last substantial move? What risks have you confronted head-on, whether resulting in success or failure?

Local Workforce Hire actively promotes a culture of innovation and risk-taking, valuing failures as valuable learning experiences. We advocate for organisational environments where employees have safety nets or support structures, empowering them to experiment, explore new ideas, and learn from setbacks.

If delving deeper into your organisation’s risk culture intrigues you, we advise that you scrutinise the company’s values, leadership messages, and the shared experiences of current or former employees. Additionally, examining organisational policies and practices related to innovation and risk management can offer valuable insights into the organisation’s prevailing stance on risk.

If you aspire to sponsor a professional organisation like GWS Giants or seek insights from premier AFL clubs, reach out to Angus Murray at Local Workforce Hire proudly recommends the GWS team to any organisation.

Whether you are seeking to hire casuals, recruit talent, mature your leaders, or discuss operational improvements, our advisory firm is here to support you. We welcome your phone call or email to explore how we can assist you on your business journey. Contact Local Workforce Hire anytime at 1300 562 250 . Or for other business processes and strategies you may not yet have considered, please read through our articles on “presenting financial data to non-finance personnel” and “strategies to activate the frontal lobe“.

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