We offer construction labour hire throughout the Hobart region.

Order now, pay in 14 days. Hire general labourers and assistants for demolition, warehouse, landscaping, bricklaying, qualified carpenters, and more.

Our Labour hire rates start from $45.00 per hour.

Our Hobart Labour Hire service is highly flexible.

Seamless Booking Process.

Simply tell us your requirements, and we’ll handle the rest. Our labour hire consultants will find the right person for you and allocate their shifts.

Next-Day Placement.

Need a general labourer? No problem! Order before 3:00 PM, and we’ll arrange for next-day placement, ensuring that your project stays on track.

Min. 4 hour shift.

Whether you need a labourer for a day, a week, or longer, we’ve got you covered. Our minimum booking period is just four hours.

Permanent Placement.

 If you wish to hire them as a full-time employee, you can do so by paying a one-time permanent placement fee of $5,000, and they are yours to keep.

Payment Options.

We offer two convenient options for payment. Clients can choose to pay by credit card at the time of booking or opt for a 14-day account.

Exceptional Speed.

We offer fast and efficient service. You can call us, request a callback or place your order online to experience our dedication to meeting your deadlines.

  • Moving Items

    Containers, warehouse, etc

  • Site Cleaning

    Residential or commercial.

  • Landscaping

    Foundations, pathways, etc.

  • Event Set Up

    Seating, stage set up, etc.

  • Shopfitting

    Set-up new or tear downs.

  • Truck Driving

    HC, HR, MR Drivers.

  • Carpentry

    Large or small jobs.

  • Electrical

    Wiring, alarms and more.

  • Machine Operating

    Forklift, Telehandlers.

  • Traffic Controlling

    Direct vehicles and pedestrians.

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Construction Labour Hire Service?

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Local Workforce Hire addresses the challenges of demand fluctuations, vacancies, and delays with affordable, high-quality, and efficient services across all regions.

Low Cost

As employers, we understand how important affordability is.

Quality Resourcing

We make no apologies for only registering good quality people. 

All Locations

We can assure our clients that we have the capacity to cover the entire region.

We Supply Construction Labour Hire Services Throughout Hobart.

For interstate employers in search of construction labour hire services, Local Workforce Hire is your solution. We possess a comprehensive knowledge of Hobart’s job market. To those unfamiliar with the area, we’re eager to reveal that Hobart offers much more beyond its portrayal in the news. Hobart shares a dynamic connection with its surrounding suburbs and regions, creating a cohesive yet diverse community. This relationship is characterised by a blend of urban and rural lifestyles, offering residents and visitors a unique mix of experiences. The city acts as a central hub for cultural activities, business, and education, drawing people from the outskirts for work, entertainment, and shopping. Meanwhile, the nearby suburbs and regions offer quieter living spaces, natural beauty, and local produce, contributing to Hobart’s overall charm. For additional details on each region, please review the information outlined below.


The Hobart suburb of Moonah presents a fascinating blend of cultural richness and historical depth, distinguishing itself as a keystone of the region. It stands out with its dynamic Main Road, a bustling artery teeming with an array of shops, cafes, and restaurants showcasing diverse cuisines. Among its notable landmarks, the Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) serves as a cultural hub, offering a platform for local artists to display their creativity through exhibitions, performances, and workshops. Additionally, the presence of Wilkinsons Point injects a touch of natural beauty and leisure spaces into the urban fabric, offering residents and visitors alike a place to relax and enjoy outdoor activities.


Cambridge, with its strategic location, serves as a gateway to both the historic richness of Hobart and the natural beauty that Tasmania is renowned for. Key attractions include the Cambridge Aerodrome, which caters to aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike, and the Coal River Valley, famed for its premium vineyards and picturesque settings. The area is also home to the Hobart International Airport, providing easy access for travelers. Additionally, Cambridge Park, with its sprawling green spaces, offers residents and visitors a tranquil retreat for leisure and outdoor activities.

Derwent Park

Derwent Park, a dynamic area located north of Hobart, stands out as a hub of industrial activity and community life. This suburb is distinguished by its blend of residential comfort and bustling commercial zones, making it a unique place for both living and working. Key features of Derwent Park include the expansive Royal Hobart Showground, which hosts a variety of events throughout the year, drawing visitors from across the region. The Derwent Entertainment Centre, also known as the MyState Bank Arena, is another significant landmark, renowned for its large-scale concerts, sports events, and exhibitions, offering entertainment options for a wide range of interests. Furthermore, the area’s proximity to the Brooker Highway facilitates easy access to Hobart’s city centre and beyond, underscoring its strategic location. Derwent Park also boasts a selection of local businesses and retail outlets, contributing to its economic vitality.


Glenorchy, a major area within the Greater Hobart region, is often know as the industrial heart of Tasmania while offering a variety of sights and attractions. This region is home to the renowned Museum of Old and New Art, which has revolutionised the local arts scene and drawn international attention for its avant-garde exhibits. For outdoor enthusiasts, Wellington Park invites adventurers to explore its extensive trails, offering panoramic views of the area. Glenorchy’s integration of art, community, and nature crafts a unique tapestry that distinguishes it as a compelling destination within Tasmania.


Bridgewater is renowned for its scenic river views and the Bridgewater Bridge, a pivotal structure that not only serves as a crucial transport link but also as a point of historical interest. The Jordan River Learning Federation Senior School caters to the educational aspirations of its young population, providing a nurturing environment for academic and personal growth. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Bridgewater Parkland offers extensive green spaces for leisure and recreation, making it a popular spot for family outings and exercise.


Kingborough, a significant and expansive region in Tasmania, Australia, offers a distinctive blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and diverse landscapes. This area, stretching from the fringes of Hobart to the lush wilderness of the Bruny Island neck, is a tapestry of picturesque towns, serene waterways, and rugged coastlines. Among its standout features is the Alum Cliffs Track, where walkers are treated to breathtaking views of the Derwent River, encapsulating the region’s natural allure. The Taroona Beach is another gem, providing a peaceful retreat with its soft sands and gentle waves, ideal for relaxation and contemplation. The Kingston Beach Golf Club, with its well-maintained greens and fairways, offers golf enthusiasts a challenging and scenic experience. The Bruny Island Ferry connects the mainland to an island rich in wildlife, walking tracks, and local produce.

Our Customer Promise.

five star rating

Our entire focus revolves around the customer. Our people, operations, pricing, and culture are centered on satisfying our clients. The client is both the beginning and the end of our purpose, and it’s a privilege to cater to their needs. We take no shortcuts, employ great staff, and prioritise quality in everything we do. Our success is built on our commitment to doing things the right way, without cutting corners. We offer our services at highly affordable rates and remain dedicated to fulfilling our promises. We warmly invite you to experience our exceptional service standards.

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