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Hiring Mindsets: Learn the Differences

While skill set is important, mindset can be even more impactful for your organisation, making or breaking a candidate’s suitability. Let’s go over eight of the most common mindset types and how they may appear in a work environment.

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Mindsets refer to the underlying beliefs or attitudes that shape how individuals perceive and respond to the world. Various theories and models identify different types of mindsets. At Local Workforce Hire, we believe that mindset is just as important as skill set, and strive to match our clients with candidates whose mindsets are well-suited to the organisation. As such, we think it incredibly important to identify different mindsets, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can each manifest in the workplace.

Different Types of Mindsets

Learn the different mindset types

Here are some commonly discussed mindset types, and some of their key attributes:

Fixed Mindset

  • Believes that abilities and intelligence are static traits
  • Has a tendency to avoid challenges, give up easily, or see effort as fruitless
  • Views failures as a reflection of one’s inherent abilities

Open Mindset

  • Is willing to consider new ideas, perspectives, and information
  • Embraces change and sees it as an opportunity for growth
  • Values diversity and actively seeks to learn from different experiences

Closed Mindset

  • Is resistant to new ideas, perspectives, or information
  • Prefers the status quo and may be uncomfortable with change
  • May exhibit a reluctance to explore or consider alternative viewpoints

Positive Mindset

  • Focuses on the positive aspects of situations
  • Sees opportunities in challenges and believes in one’s ability to overcome obstacles
  • Is generally optimistic and resilient

Negative Mindset

  • Tends to focus on the negative aspects of situations
  • Views challenges as insurmountable and may struggle with resilience
  • Holds a pessimistic outlook on life and may be prone to self-doubt

Proactive Mindset

  • Takes initiative and actively seeks solutions to challenges
  • Exhibits a sense of responsibility and ownership for one’s actions
  • Plans ahead and works towards goals with determination

Reactive Mindset

  • Responds to situations after they occur without much proactive planning
  • May feel like a victim of circumstances and struggle to take control
  • Tends to react emotionally to events rather than approaching them with strategic thinking

Abundance Mindset

  • Believes that there are enough resources, opportunities, and successes for everyone
  • Is collaborative and willing to share knowledge and opportunities with others
  • Celebrates the success of others without feeling threatened

Scarcity Mindset

  • Believes that resources, opportunities, and success are limited
  • Has a competitive attitude, often comparing oneself to others
  • May be reluctant to share or collaborate due to fear of losing out

These mindset types are not mutually exclusive, and individuals may exhibit a combination of them in different situations. Additionally, mindsets can evolve over time as people learn and grow.

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Want to learn more about mindsets? We have articles extensively breaking down “reactive mindsets” as well as “growth vs fixed mindsets“.

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