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We encourage women to consider construction.

The construction industry offers numerous opportunities for women. Let’s explore why.

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The building and construction industry offers an array of opportunities for everyone.

women in construction

Local Workforce Hire just sees opportunity.

From the generation of new jobs to the development of a skilled workforce, the organisation’s fresh take on staffing solutions is facilitating a robust economy across the nation.

Local Workforce Hire offers versatile employment options that span multiple sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, logistics, and hospitality. These services are not confined to any particular region and cater to businesses all over the country.

The company’s economic influence goes beyond mere job creation; it also serves as a magnet for talent from various cities. This is particularly noticeable in sectors like construction and civil engineering.

Local Workforce Hire offers placements everywhere.

By offering attractive employment opportunities, Local Workforce Hire encourages professionals from cities like Sydney and Melbourne to see the nation as a whole as an appealing destination for both work and residence.

Multiple large-scale infrastructure projects are currently underway or in the planning stages across the nation. These span various sectors including government, healthcare, education, and transport. The construction sector is thriving, generating a surge in demand for skilled individuals. Local Workforce Hire meets this need by scouting and recruiting talent from different parts of the country, thus aiding in the timely completion of crucial projects.

Our organisation is also contributing to the long-term growth and resilience of national infrastructure by attracting and retaining skilled workers in pivotal sectors, which ultimately benefits communities across the country.

Women make great workers.

Local Workforce Hire is also making strides in empowering women to find employment in traditionally male-dominated sectors like construction. By advocating for workforce diversity, the organisation has facilitated the successful employment of women in these sectors, serving as an essential step toward gender equality in the workplace.

Local Workforce Hire is committed to ensuring representation of women at every level, from on-site roles to executive leadership. The aim is to cultivate a work environment that values diversity and promotes equal opportunities for everyone, thus benefiting not just women in the organisation but also influencing broader social acceptance.

jobs in construction industry

Local Workforce Hire plays a crucial role in promoting apprenticeships nationwide.

For many young individuals, especially those at risk, finding employment that allows for skill development and work experience can be challenging. The organisation’s focus on apprenticeships provides these young people with valuable on-the-job training and mentorship.

By matching interested young people with businesses across the country, Local Workforce Hire helps overcome a significant obstacle that many companies face when considering the hiring of apprentices. Investing in the skills and development of young people helps businesses remain competitive and future-ready.

Try It.

Local Workforce Hire has initiated a comprehensive approach to collaborating with educational institutions, including schools and technical and further education (TAFEs) institutes. The objective is to create a seamless transition from education to employment. This not only prepares them for the workforce but also stimulates economic activity by making students aware of the services offered by Local Workforce Hire.

Female worker in construction

Workshops and Training Programs

Local Workforce Hire is in the process of designing seminars that aim to provide both students and existing staff with the most up-to-date industry knowledge, thereby creating a pool of candidates who are both educated and industry-ready.

Mentorship and Career Guidance

To further support the transition from study to employment, Local Workforce Hire is setting up a mentorship programme that connects students with experienced professionals in their chosen fields. These mentors provide invaluable career guidance, share insights from their own career journeys, and can even assist in opening doors for job opportunities.

Information Sharing and Networking

Local Workforce Hire views a symbiotic relationship between industry experts and educational institutions as important. This symbiotic relationship enables educators to stay abreast of current industry trends, while industry benefits from academic research and innovation. Additionally, this networking often leads to partnerships for research projects, internships, and other collaborative endeavours.

Through multi-faceted collaborations with educational institutions, Local Workforce Hire aims to not just filling immediate employment gaps but is invest in a long-term vision for a stronger, more skilled national workforce. This proactive approach serves to enrich the country’s human capital, making it more competitive on a global scale and better equipped to meet future challenges.

We hope this article gives you confidence that we’re very careful about how we choose candidates for you.

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