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At Local Workforce Hire, we understand that not everyone has a resume and would rather learn more about you. That’s why we’ve developed our own online registration process that collects all the necessary information to assess your suitability. 

Although submission does not guarantee employment, it is essential for our team to serve you better and match you with the right employers. 

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The online registration form is easy. We recommend that you access your driver’s licence, banking account number and BSB, superannuation name and member number, qualifications/tickets such as white card, asbestos and silica, Government Visa (If applicable), Tax File Number etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Local Workforce Hire, we understand the importance of providing transparent information to help you make informed decisions. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is designed to address common queries and provide insights into our services. 

Each topic includes a video response to help you feel like you are speaking to us in person. Please click on any topic to watch the video and learn more.

"What happens if I don’t provide my registration details?"

We believe that those who demonstrate a strong desire to work will make it known by providing their details within 48 hours of the initial interview.

Provide registration details to Local Workforce Hire within 48 hours

"What would my hourly rate be and do we get paid superannuation?"

Everyone is paid a competitive hourly rate, superannuation and daily travel allowance. Plus if you work over 9.5 hours, you are paid a meal allowance.

What do I get paid Local Workforce Hire

"What do you do with my personal information once I send it?"

We take your privacy seriously and only request your personal information to complete your employment registration. We never sell or share your information.

Your personal information is safe with Local Workforce Hire

"Am I guaranteed to get shifts each week or is it going to be ad-hoc?"

Unfortunately, while we cannot offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on securing shifts, we can guarantee our effort.

Am I guaranteed to get shifts with Local Workforce Hire?

"Is there any way that you can try to find me a full-time job?"

We specialise in casual placements, which can lead to full-time opportunities. Many employers come to us initially seeking casual staff and they put them on.

Local Workforce Hire specialises in casual labour hire

"Why do we use Deputy and not the normal paper-based timesheets?"

We are constantly looking for ways to minimise waste and improve productivity. Automation through programs like Deputy will always benefit our staff and customers.

Deputy Local Workforce Hire

"How does Local Workforce Hire allocate shifts to people?"

On a first-response basis. We text out all shifts and the person who responds the first usually is placed.

How Local Workforce Hire allocates shifts

"How do I know that a shift has been allocated to me?"

Easy – we call you first, and then add that shift to Deputy. We won’t allocate unless you confirm.

Get allocated shifts from Local Workforce Hire

"Do i get penalised or get into trouble if I cannot accept a shift?"

You have three options: decline the shift on Deputy, or call or text our team.

Local Workforce Hire what to do when I can't accept a shift

"What happens if I confirm a shift on Deputy and don’t turn up?"

In the event that you don’t turn up to a confirmed shift, we terminate our relationship with you and you will never get a shift again.

What happens if you don't turn up to your shift

"What Personal Protective Equipment do I need to have before I start a shift?"

The usual: hard hat, gloves, glasses, hi-vis clothing, steel cap boots, pants, etc.

Local Workforce Hire PPE required

"Do I need to complete an induction program at every worksite?"

In most cases, the larger work sites will have you complete an induction program.

Induction Programs Local Workforce Hire

"What happens when it rains and I'm sent home?"

You are paid for the actual hours you are worked – the good news is that you will earn a minimum of four hours.

Local Workforce Hire rainy day sent home

"What should I do when I can't log in to Deputy?"

In most cases, you may be outside of the 200-metre radius, so either get closer to the nominated address or call our team to clock you on.

Can't access Deputy Local Workforce Hire

"What should I do when I first arrive at my new work place?"

Call the supervisor and let them know that you have arrived. Importantly, ask what the priorities are.

First shift behaviour Local Workforce Hire

"When I'm working, do I also need to record my break times?"

Yes, you do. Please press start and finish break on Deputy to record your break time.

Record break times Local Workforce Hire

"What would you like me to do once my shift is over?"

Please press “end shift” in Deputy, so the tool can register your end of day and call us if you need help.

What to do when shift is over

"What happens if I work longer than the agreed times?"

Work as long as you need and just let us know so we can make the adjustments to your timesheet.

Working more hours than agreed

"How do you make sure that I'm paid the correct hours each week?"

Easy – we use Deputy to track your hours and send those hours to each employer.

Checking hours Local Workforce Hire

"What happens if I receive my payslip and notice an error?"

No worries at all, simply email us at jobs@localworkforcehire.com.au.

Wrong hours in payslip

"When do we get paid each week?"

Everyone gets paid on Thursday evening, so just check your bank account.

Payday Local Workforce Hire

"Do we get payslips sent to us each week?"

Yes, you do. Our Accounts team will email you a payslip each week, so check your inbox.

Payslips Local Workforce Hire

"What is the payment cycle, or start and end of the pay week?"

Our weeks start on a Tuesday and finish on Monday night. If you have any questions, please call.

Local Workforce Hire payment cycle

"Is there any way that I can get a pay rise?"

Yes, there is! We are open to negotiation and suggest that you prove yourself first and then let’s chat.

Pay rise Local Workforce Hire

"What is your termination policy and your standards?"

We terminate for various reasons, such as non-attendance, poor performance, misconduct, etc.

Policies for termination Local Workforce Hire

"Do I lose any money if I am terminated? What happens?"

You get paid what you are owed, and we will send a final payslip to you.

Local Workforce Hire post-termination policy

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