What Is a Reactive Mindset, and How Do You Deal With It?

Reactive mindsets can impact the productivity of your workforce by embedding negative thinking and emotionally-guided behaviour over rationality. In this article, we examine several key tactics for helping reactive-mindset individuals.

What Can Businesses Learn from AFL in Regards to Navigating Risk?

Despite their outward differences, AFL coaches and businesses can approach success in similar manners, and learn from one another in the journey to significant achievements. Businesses can learn quite a lot from AFL coaches like those at GWS when it comes to navigating risk - let's discuss.

How Do You Handle Employees with Negative Attitudes?

To handle employees with negative attitudes, foster open communication, appreciate achievements, set clear expectations, and lead by example. Address issues promptly to maintain a positive work environment and ensure team cohesion and productivity.

How Should Leaders React When Their Employees Make Mistakes?

Effective leaders react to employee mistakes by remaining calm, assessing impacts, prioritizing constructive solutions over blame, and clearly communicating next steps. They offer specific feedback to guide improvement, promote accountability, and encourage a positive learning environment for all.

How Do You Deal with Human Errors in the Workplace?

To handle human errors in the workplace, you should foster a learning culture, encourage open communication, provide comprehensive training, analyse errors to identify root causes, implement corrective measures, and promote continuous improvement for a supportive, blame-free environment that values growth.

A Simple Hack to Make It Easy To Sit Straight At Your Desk!

To automatically sit straight at your desk, sit on the chair's front edge with feet flat and screen at eye level. This position naturally promotes upright posture, making slouching awkward without reminders. Just keep in mind, crossing your legs makes you slump, so keep both feet flat on the floor.