Outsourcing Lead Generation to Local Workforce Hire

Generating leads via social media and content creation is a driving force for any organisation's continued growth, which is why Local Workforce Hire offers comprehensive outsourcing options. Here's how we operate, and how our services can be a great boon to your operational success.

Why Does Our Team Ask the Tough Questions?

We strive to ask tough questions during our interview processes, to determine the suitability of candidates beyond the surface level. Our goal is to gain deeper insights throughout the hiring process, and in turn assure our clients and partners of our commitment to quality.

How often do interns get hired full-time?

Internships are like a trial period for both the intern and the company. It's a chance for the company to see how well the intern fits into their team and for the intern to experience what it's like to work in that field.

A Simple Hack to Make It Easy To Sit Straight At Your Desk!

To automatically sit straight at your desk, sit on the chair's front edge with feet flat and screen at eye level. This position naturally promotes upright posture, making slouching awkward without reminders. Just keep in mind, crossing your legs makes you slump, so keep both feet flat on the floor.

How do you survive a toxic internship?

Surviving a toxic internship involves setting boundaries, seeking support, and documenting experiences. Communicate effectively, prioritize self-care, and evaluate long-term impact. Plan an exit strategy if necessary, emphasizing resilience and learning from the experience.