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Recruitment Agency In Canberra Airport?

Our Canberra Airport banking recruitment agency stands out from others. We charge a $995 admin fee and $5,000 upon hiring, with no high percentage fees. Additionally, we can help you find temporary staff and contractors, with rates starting at $45.00 per hour.

Our Canberra Airport Banking Recruitment Agency Is Affordable.

Wave goodbye to excessive recruitment fees in the banking industry! We assist in finding temporary staff, contractors, and permanent hires without the hefty price tag. Our competitive pricing includes a $995 admin fee and a $5,000 fixed fee for permanent hires, with no obligation if you don’t hire.

Sydney Credit Union Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment.

Ideal for short-term needs such as covering employee leave or handling peak workloads.

Our hourly rates start at $45.00.

Sydney Credit Union Contract Recruitment

Contract Recruitment.

Perfect for projects or defined periods of 3, 6, or 12 months. You can choose:

  • Direct Hire: A fixed recruitment fee of $5,000.00 is charged only if you hire.
  • Labour Hire Model: A cost-plus margin of 7%, minimum hourly rate is $45.00 per hour.
Sydney Credit Union Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment.

We offer a “no hire, no pay” basis for long-term hires. You only pay if you hire one of our candidates. No expensive percentage of salary fee structure. Our fees include:

  • Administration Fee: $995
  • Fixed Recruitment Fee: $5,000 (payable only if you decide to hire one of our recommended candidates.)

Canberra Airport Banking Recruitment - Hire The Talent You Need.

Choose the level of experience that fits your needs and ensure your hire is productive from day one. From eager pre-management levels to experienced Senior Management, we’re committed to finding the right match for your organisation.


Looking for administrative support, receptionists, data entry operators, call center staff, and more? Please call our team, as we’d love to help you.

Emerging Leaders.

Searching for your next future leader who can immediately contribute to your team? Please call our team, as we’d love to help you.

IT/Project Specialists.

Require IT specialists, Project Managers, Database Engineers, or other technical experts? Please call our team, as we’d love to help you.

Senior Management.

Are you seeking executives like General Managers, Heads of Operations, or Marketing Managers? Please call our team. We’d love to help you.

Permanent Recruitment Service.

How does our process work?

Our clients value our affordability, simplicity, and dedication to delivering results. We assume responsibility and only receive payment if you hire one of our candidates. Below is an outline of our process:

Phase # 1 - Define Your Needs.

We begin with an initial phone consultation to understand your objectives and requirements clearly. This step marks the beginning of our journey together. Our administrative fee is $995.

Phase # 2 - talent assessment.

We develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan designed to attract top candidates. This includes digital ads, job advertisements, direct calls, and more to ensure we reach the right talent.

Phase # 3 - Screen and shortlist.

Our team manages all incoming calls and emails, thoroughly analyses the submitted resumes, and then creates a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for our team to interview.

Phase 4 - We Interview and assess.

We conduct phone and in-person interviews with the shortlisted candidates and narrow it down to three highly recommended individuals.

Phase 5 - Client Assessment.

We provide you with our top three candidates for you to interview and assess. This allows you to test our recommendations and make an informed hiring decision.

Phase 6 - Choose to Hire or reject.

If the client decides to hire one or two of our candidates, they will only be obligated to pay a fixed recruitment fee of $5,000. This means that hiring two candidates would result in a cost of $2,500 per person.

Temporary & Contractor Recruitment Service.

How does our process work?

Clients have the option to pay an hourly rate for any temporary or contractor roles. All entry-level positions typically start at around $45.00 per hour. The end-to-end process is similar to permanent recruiting, but there is a distinction in phase 6. During this phase, we calculate the hours worked and send a weekly invoice based on the hours worked. Here is an overview of our process:

Phase # 1 - Define Your Needs.

We begin with an initial phone consultation to understand your objectives and requirements clearly. This step marks the beginning of our journey together and there is no administrative fee associated with this service.

Phase # 2 - talent assessment.

If we don’t have people on our roster already, we will proceed to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at attracting top candidates. In most cases, we have many people in our database to choose from. If not, we will advertise and test the market.

Phase # 3 - Screen and shortlist.

When advertising, we typically receive over 200 emails and phone calls that must be addressed and supported. We then work on creating a shortlist of candidates for interviews.

Phase 4 - Client confirmation.

After conducting interviews, we hire essential candidates, add them to our payroll, formalise their staffing status, and confirm with the client that we have suitable candidates to support their needs.

Phase 5 - Candidate commencement.

Once the client approves commencement, we ensure that all details are exchanged, documentation is complete, and the candidate is ready to attend on the agreed date.

Phase 6 - candidate invoicing.

This phase is different because we don’t charge an administration fee or a $5000 fixed fee like permanent recruitment. In this scenario, we calculate the hours utilised each week and invoice those hours each week.

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We promise to be approachable and highly encourage you to call our team using the number provided. No worries if you’re busy or checking out our website after hours! Just leave your details, and our team will call you.

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We work with numerous clients who have teams located throughout Australia, and we are able to assist you no matter where you are based.

Our team offers nationwide support, and our professionals are highly experienced in their respective fields. You can have confidence in our ability to understand industry-specific terminology and the intricacies of various job roles, which enables us to provide seamless and knowledgeable support without the need for basic explanations. We are committed to delivering the best outcomes and service, and we promise to only take on roles that we are comfortable with. Our priority is ensuring that our clients receive the highest expertise and satisfaction.

Our advantage lies in our deep understanding of local markets, enabling us to attract the best talent.

By investing in local markets and connecting with local businesses, we address traffic, late starts, and absenteeism concerns. Our focus on local recruitment ensures a better match for our clients, who appreciate our strong local connections. Tailored recruitment strategies cater to regional markets, leading to more effective and efficient hiring processes. Access to a network of high-quality, locally known candidates guarantees our clients access to the best talent in their area. Local expertise accelerates hiring and reduces disruption to our clients’ businesses.

Our Customer Promise.

five star rating

It is not in the best interest of our clients to pay higher fees to support unproductive and inefficient organisations. We are a lean, efficient, and highly productive company that leverages the latest technology, including AI, to achieve world-class standards. Our speed of service, quality of outcomes, and pricing strategy are evidence of this. Our company culture and focus on customer value are why companies choose to work with us and why people want to work for us. Our brand represents value, discipline, and results.

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