Welcome to our
affordable Beaudesert Recruitment Company.

We have a "no hire, no fee" policy.

Our Beaudesert Recruitment Agency understands the importance of finding the right candidate without causing financial strain. Therefore, we charge a small administrative fee of $995 to begin and a fixed fee of $5,000 ONLY if you choose to hire one of our recommended candidates.

We're different to other Beaudesert recruitment companies.

Our differentiator is our dedication to affordability. We offer a no-win – no-fee commitment, so clients only need to pay a flat fee of $5,000 instead of a percentage of the salary if they hire one of our suggested candidates. We handle all the work, hold ourselves accountable, and place our clients in a no-lose position.

Highly affordable.

We are 100% committed to being a low-cost – high-value provider.

$5,000 fixed fee.

We only charge clients a fixed $5,000 recruitment fee and only pay if they hire.

no percentage of salary.

Unlike others, we don’t charge 15% to 20% of someone’s salary.

Any non exec role.

Our fixed pricing fee is for any non-executive role.

Low Cost admin fee.

The administration fee of $995 is simply charged to evidence commitment.

No hire - no pay policy.

Again, ZERO recruiting fees are charged unless you hire one of our candidates.

Here's how our Beaudesert Recruitment Agency operates.

We have a simple 6-stage process.

Define Needs

Let’s schedule a phone or online meeting to discuss your needs.

Invoice + agreement

We will invoice you for the $995 admin fee and agreement.

Payment Confirmation

Upon payment confirmation, we will schedule your project.

Campaign Set Live

Our team will craft and set your campaign live – Job ads, Digital Advertising, etc.

candidates interviewed

We review all applications, shortlist and interview people.

candidates sent to you

Our team will send you three candidates for you to interview.

Let's chat about how we can help you.

Please fill out our online form to let us know how we can help you. Your input will help our team better understand your requirements, allowing for a fruitful discussion when we contact you. 

You are under no obligation to pay any fees or make a commitment, so please don’t worry. You can expect a call either on the same day or the next business day.

Callback Request.

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Customer Promise.

five star rating

It is not in the best interest of our clients to pay higher fees to support unproductive and inefficient organisations. We are a lean, efficient, and highly productive company that leverages the latest technology, including AI, to achieve world-class standards. Our speed of service, quality of outcomes, and pricing strategy are evidence of this. Our company culture and focus on customer value are why companies choose to work with us and why people want to work for us. Our brand represents value, discipline, and results.

George, CEO

Local Workforce Hire

Our Beaudesert Recruitment Company
services all regions throughout QLD.

Our aim is to connect local businesses with local residents who are seeking work opportunities in their area. This approach helps in avoiding usual traffic challenges, delays in attendance, and absenteeism. To place your order, kindly click on any of the locations below.

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