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How are we overcoming labour shortages?

This blog explores how we overcome labour shortages and ensure that we have enough people to support our clients.

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Are we really short of people and what are we doing about it?

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Local Workforce Hire is tacking labour shortages head-on.

Australia is grappling with a labour shortage, and as a provider to numerous businesses, we are taking a calculated approach to expanding our pool of talent.

Our company has thoughtfully tackled the issue of labour shortages. This article sheds light on how we have implemented strategic and innovative methods to support our clients.

We are Winning!

What we've done recently.

We have strategically targeted individuals from diverse industries, enticing them to investigate job prospects in the construction arena, spanning civil, residential, and commercial sectors. Our success is grounded in identifying individuals with a robust work ethic and a positive disposition. We smartly leverage the “General Labourer” role as an entry point into the civil, residential, and commercial construction sectors.

Additionally, we’ve collaborated with various vocational educational and training centres to elevate the skill sets of our candidates and help them earn the necessary certifications. Importantly, we have selectively partnered with employers who are open to hiring individuals with minimal or no experience, offering in-house training and skills transfer programmes.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Construction

Encouraging women to break into construction careers demands a comprehensive strategy comprising education, awareness, and support. At Local Workforce Hire, we are committed to enabling women to overcome societal biases that might deter them from venturing into construction roles.

We spotlight female pioneers in the construction industry to underscore the wealth of opportunities available to women. Our company offers educational materials to elucidate various roles and career trajectories, and we focus on partnering with supportive employers who align with our commitment to empowering women. This multi-pronged approach has enabled us to attract women of diverse ages and backgrounds, and we continue to make strides in this area.

breaking down gender stereotypes

Empowering Migrants to Join the Workforce.

Australia’s multicultural landscape includes skilled migrants seeking career starts. Rather than perceiving language barriers as an obstacle, we view them as an opportunity to respectfully assist newcomers in acclimating to their new environment.

Inviting migrants to participate in the construction workforce is essential for addressing the current labour shortage. Luckily, numerous employers are open to extending opportunities to these individuals.

Local Workforce Hire offers specialised vocational education and training schemes to help migrants gain the required skills and qualifications to join the construction field. We also provide coaching, mentorship, and connections to community leaders and potential employers to expedite your networking endeavours.

We are immensely proud as a workforce hire agency to have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals.

We hope this article gives you confidence that we’re very careful about how we choose candidates for you.

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